Lets Shoot The Sher Khan

Lets Shoot The Sher Khan

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(Wildlife Photography Workshop Ranthambore National Park. Pay USD $300 as advance and book your seats. SEND scan copy of ID card ASAP)

Batch - 5 April to 11 April, 2015 (6 Nights / 7 Days) Venue - Vivanta by Taj, Ranthambhore Starts - Sun, 5 April to Sat, 11 April 2015 Cost - 2000$ double sharing Room, 1600$ single sharing Room, Special Offer –(Register before December 31st 2014 and get 200$ off per person). Status - Available
Sudhir Shivaram, Canon Contract Photographer in India Wildlife Photography Workshop Ranthambore National Park

Sudhir Shivaram is one of India’s most respected wildlife photographers. A long and lucrative career in the IT industry did not diminish Sudhir’s passion for photography but on the contrary, ensured that he never lost touch with his wild side. So much so that he bid adieu to the corporate jungle to spend more time in the real one.

His pictures are noteworthy for their technically sophisticated and evocative character, generating appropriate moods to move viewers. This green evangelist campaigns for wildlife protection around the world and gives freely of his time and images to raise awareness about nature and wildlife. He also talks about his work and the state of wildlife to young people across the world hoping to inspire and win their commitment to this cause so dear to him.

Sudhir is one of the brand ambassadors for Canon India and is a Canon contract photographer. He is the recipient of Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012 award. In order to share his passion for wildlife photography and the extensive knowledge he has acquired in this field, Sudhir holds photography workshops and Wildlife photo tours to mentor both beginners and advanced photographers enhance their skills and understanding of nature and wildlife photography.

At this year’s worldwide editorial awards held at the National Geographic Society in Washington D.C., National Geographic Traveller India’s September 2013 cover featuring Sudhir’s image won the Yellow Border Award for the best cover across 14 language editions of the magazine worldwide.

About Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park is well known for its tigers and is one of the best places in India to see these creatures in their regular wilderness territory. Tigers can even be effectively seen in the daytime. The best time for tiger sightings at Ranthambore National Park is in November and May. The recreation center's deciduous woodlands are trademark samples of the sort of wilderness found in Central India. Other significant wild creatures incorporate panther, nilgai, wild pig, sambar, hyena, sloth bear and chital. It is home to wide assortment of trees, plants,reptiles and also one of the biggest banyan trees in India.

Recommended Equipment for Workshop : 600mm or 800mm

These are telephoto zoom lens and will be an excellent choice if you can manage to get them.

500mm + 1.4x converter

Excellent for birds and also mammals. You will need a good tripod and a ball head / gimbals head to support this. A bean bag is also recommended.

Sigma 150-500

This is the Sigma 150-500mm zoom lens with a Canon and Nikon mount. Though this is a slow lens, this works well in good lighting conditions and will be an excellent choice for Ranthambore given the good lighting conditions.

400mm f5.6

This is a very sharp lens and suitable for bird photography and excellent for birds in flight. A great lens to make some nice portraits of the Tigers as well.

300mm f/4 + 1.4x Converter

You can use this at 300mm or with the converter to get a good range of 420mm or even 600mm+ on a crop factor body. This being a prime lens, the quality of the images will be good and you can easily hand hold it.

70-200 f2.8 + 2x converter

I would highly recommend this lens over the 100-400 as you can get two different ranges of focal length and even with a tele-converter; the quality of images is good. At 70mm it can also act as a decent landscape lens to capture the Tigers in the Ranthambore fort backdrop. Also excellent for birds in flight.

The following topics will be covered during the Workshops:-

  • Manual and autofocus (Focusing points, auto lock, single lock, continuous focus)
  • Manual exposure (ISO, shutter speeds, f/ stops and the light meter)
  • Depth of field (shallow, deep, hyper focal distance)
  • Motion (freezing, blurring and panning)
  • Picture styles / picture control (colour, black and white, sepia etc…)
  • Aperture priority, shutter speed priority and program modes
  • Understanding exposure - the 18% concept
  • White balance (pre-set and custom)
  • The temperature of light (natural and artificial colour cast)
  • Composition (framing)
  • Elements of design (seeing v/s looking)
  • Lenses and perspective (the right choice of focal length)
  • Completing the story

During the course of the workshop, you will be taken through the fundamentals of image processing and the following topics will be covered:

  • Colour management policies (colour settings, working space, ICC profiles etc.)
  • Working with RAW files
  • Cropping and image editing
  • Levels, curves, contrast, saturation adjustments
  • Image sharpening, cloning, dodge and burn
  • Noise reduction
  • Advance concepts of targeted adjustments using masking technique
  • Saving for web/ printing
During the Workshop

He will introduce to the participants the advance custom function settings of the camera and teach them to shoot like a professional.

Sudhir will demonstrate the best way to approach and shoot the subjects and also give deeper insights on the behaviour of the subjects.

Sudhir will deal with the fundamentals of post processing during one of the evening sessions.

Knowledge sharing will continue through the evenings where he will interact with participants to further reinforce the day's learning. He will continually guide participants during the hands-on field outing, review images and provide feedback.

Day 1:
  • Upon arrival in Jaipur or Sawai Madhopur, transfer / Check-in to one of the best heritage property ANURAGA RESORT.
  • A brief introductory session with tips of wildlife photography will be taken by the travel mentor Sudhir shivaram
  • Hi-tea ,Dinner and overnight stay at the Anuraga resort.
DAY 2 to 6:
  • - Morning safari followed by a hearty breakfast.
  • - Relax and will have discussion, review images and interact.
  • - Mouth watering lunch and possibly a quick power nap in preparation for afternoon/evening safari.
  • - Following evening safari, back to the resort. Continued learning sessions including post processing.
  • - Dinner and overnight stay at the resort.
DAY 7:
  • After breakfast we will check out from the resort.
  • Depart to airport/railway station.
Vivanta by Taj, Ranthambhore Wild Life Photography Ranthambore , Sudhir Shivram Wild Life Photography, Wild Life Photography workshop Ranthambore

There's a new roar in Sawai Madhopur. Less than 5 km from the Ranthambore Railway Station. Vivanta by Taj - Sawai Madhopur Lodge, the only heritage hotel in Ranthambore. The original lodge was built over 80 years ago, and was a hunting stop for the Maharaja of Jaipur. Tents were pitched on the vast grounds and the royal family camped here often. Not much has changed. The original art deco styled lodge still houses the original dining hall, bar and lounge. The veranda added later also remains with all its grand style. The tents however have made way for luxurious rooms and suites. And while the spirit of the lodge remains, it is a new spirited style that now makes its presence felt. Feel the vibe of Vivanta by Taj. A fresh new vibe that complements tradition.

Download the Resort Brochure Here. Stay at a Glance
Workshop Cost-

2000$ double sharing Room.

1600$ single sharing Room.

Cost Includes-

6 nights 7 days at palatial property Ranthambore, 10 jungle safaris with 3 photographers per gypsy. National park entry and Mandatory guide.

Cost Excludes-

Airport Transfers and Rail fare or Air fare charges

Group Size-

8 to 15.

1. After paying the registration fees (300$ non refundable) the booking amount must be paid within 15 days ($1000) and after paying the booking amount the remaining amount (full payment) must be done within 45 days.

2. If you register before 31st December 2014 than you need to pay rest $1000 by 31st December 2014.

3. If you register after 31st December 2014 than Point 1 will be valid for you.

4. After 6 March 2015 no refund will be allowed.

5. The and Sudhir Shivaram reserves the right to cancel the booking and event any time. Does not hold any liability on the same

It was a good work shop and got the knowledge of fundamentals and principles of photography and DSLR operation.I am sure everyone will come out with sharp images after this work shop and with less usage of Erase button to remove the unwanted photos.

- A.X.P. Leo Vino

Having been on tour to India on many occasions, I must admit your Wildlife Photo Workshop was one of the most interesting I have ever participated. Surprisingly, I amazed so much knowledge on wildlife photography with superb results. Your Workshop was so well orchestrated, well planned and organized and every thing been well looked after, transportation, accommodation and the delicious Indian curry dishes. I wouldn't hesitated to recommend our clients and friends to participate in your future project. Next year I hope to visit India, for sure look forward to joining one of your wildlife tour once again.

- Patrick Wong

Hong Kong

I had always loved photography and wildlife, but had never really made much advancement combining the two... well, that was until i stumbled onto Sudhir's website and booked a trip. The tour was fantastically well organised from start to finish. It was great to meet other like minded people and and enjoy the wildlife together. Sudhir is an excellent mentor and teacher, evident in the vast improvement of my images in just one tour. I would highly recommend taking advantage of his tours and plan to go on many many more.

- Dr John Rowell

I joined a photo-safari with mentor Sudhir last April 2014 to Corbett National Park. Everything was as planned. They picked me up in Ramnagar station early morning (I flew to Delhi and took an overnight train there), and we proceed to the National Park. The organizers looked after the paperwork and acommodation, everything went seamless. I improved a lot my photographic skills: every night we had a review of what we did during the day and we went through some lessons well delivered by Sudhir. It really changed my way of using my camera for ever. I also had the chance to spot lot of wild animals in the wild, including tigers, elephants and very exotic birds. We also got the basics of wildlife photography and a handful of secrets that made me a better photographer. As an extra, I made friends that love photography and wildlife like me, and I had a sample of the exquisite Indian cuisine. I would love to come back to another workshop soon.

- Dino Palazzi


The workshop was completely about nature and wildlife photography, understanding the natural history, animal behaviour, pre-visualisation and lots more. The most important aspect of the workshop was The Serai luxury. My stay was awesome, with the Kabini backwaters setting the tune for this exciting workshop.

- Francis Kumar

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